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Download the latest Jutoh release here. Until registered, it will act as a demonstration with a few limitations. You can read what's new.

You can uninstall the old version first if you wish (on Windows, from the Start menu or Control Panel). Or you can use Check for Updates on the Help menu, which will download an update if there is one. You can specify the same folder when installing each time. If in doubt, you can download and install Jutoh in the usual way.

Please see Release Notes for what's new in this release. Also, don't forget to take a look at the Jutoh Book if you haven't before. Click here for information about submitting a problem report.

For information about migrating from Jutoh 1 to Jutoh 2 (a free upgrade), please see this topic. You can download the old Jutoh 1 version here.

Jutoh for Windows

Windows 8/10 users: click on More info when you get the "Windows protected your PC" screen, and then click Run anyway in the next screen. For further information, see How do I install Jutoh on Windows 8?

Jutoh for Mac OS X

This disk image will be automatically mounted as a drive, and you can then drag the Jutoh 2.xx folder to an appropriate place, such as the Applications folder.

Please refer to the important installation notes for Mac users, in particular how to run Jutoh on Mac OS X 10.8+. In brief, control-click and use Open to run Jutoh the first time after download. You may need to do this twice before it lets you run Jutoh.

The 64-bit version is optimised for retina (high-resolution) displays.

Jutoh for Linux

These binaries should work on most Linux distributions.

64-bit packages, compiled on Ubuntu 18.04

With this distribution, on some systems you may also need to download libpng16. If Jutoh does not run, search for libpng16 in your package manager and install it.

64-bit packages for older systems, compiled on Ubuntu 8.04

With this distribution, you may also need to download the libpng12 compatibility library, as described here.

32-bit packages for older systems, compiled on Ubuntu 8.04

32-bit Linux packages are not created for every release since most people are now using 64-bit operating systems, but please contact us if you need them. This is the most recent set of binaries for 32-bit Linux:

With this distribution, you may also need to download a libpng 1.2 compatibility library, as described here.

Other files:

Linux users: please see the following FAQs:

Jutoh for Raspberry Pi 2+, Pinebook

Jutoh 2 for Raspberry Pi 2/3 is free! It also runs on the Pinebook if you install the required 32-bit libraries. It has been built and tested on Raspbian. Before installing the RPM, you will first need to install the libpng12 RPM.

CereVoice files

CereVoice from CereProc is a high quality speech synthesis system supported by Jutoh. On Windows, you can use CereVoice via Microsoft SAPI, and on Mac OS X you can use CereVoice via Apple Speech Manager. On Linux, and other platforms if you prefer, you can use a command-line CereVoice tool that Jutoh runs to generate speech. Download a file for your operating system, unarchive to a suitable location on your hard drive, and go to Jutoh Preferences/Speech. Select the CereVoice speech engine, click Properties, and choose the 'cerevoice' file ('cerevoice.exe' on Windows). For more details, please see the Jutoh book: Appendix B: Configuring Jutoh and Chapter 21: Working With Text-To-Speech.

Older version:

Jutoh Translation File

If you wish to contribute a translation, please download the following file and read the notes on translation.

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