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Jutoh 2 Preview

Windows | Mac | Linux

The Jutoh 2 Preview demonstrates some new features, including:

  • fixed layout support for Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Epub 3;
  • table support;
  • text box support;
  • image import and sizing improvements;
  • highlighting of hidden elements such as bookmarks.

Editing a fixed layout page
Editing a fixed layout page

Editing tables
Editing tables

We would be grateful for feedback so we can quickly fix any problems and release it as soon as possible. We are aiming to make Jutoh 2 the official version in early 2014, and in the meantime if you find the new features useful, you are welcome to use the preview for creating books. Jutoh 2 will be a free upgrade for all users - just enter your Jutoh 1 user name and key to unlock it.

Please be aware of the following:

  • If you open a Jutoh 1 project in Jutoh 2, you cannot then open it again in Jutoh 1 (unless you opened it in read-only mode). So do make copies of important projects that you are testing Jutoh 2 with.
  • Online help is not complete; however there is a separate downloadable guide to the Fixed Layout features:
  • You can install this version alongside Jutoh 1, so long as you use different group names (Windows) and installation folders. On Linux, the package is called jutoh2 to distinguish it from the jutoh package.
  • Because Jutoh 2 uses different files for saving global data, you will need to enter your user name and key again.
  • A small sample called Birds.jutoh is provided in the "Jutoh 2 Samples" folder (see Browse Samples on the Help menu).

Known issues in fixed layout projects include:

  • Text may be formatted quite differently in the ebook compared with in Jutoh. Font size differences can be mitigated by the Font pixel scale configuration option or the custom DPI setting under Project Properties/Options (try a value of 110 DPI).
  • Magnification regions for large amounts of text may not always fit on the screen.
  • No text or style search across fixed layout documents, or spell checking.

Click here for information about submitting a problem report.

Jutoh 2 for Windows

Jutoh for Windows is about 20 MB in size. You need about 40 MB of disk space.

Windows 8 users: click on More info when you get the "Windows protected your PC" screen, and then click Run anyway in the next screen. For further information, see How do I install Jutoh on Windows 8?

Windows Vista/7/8 users: if when running Jutoh you see error messages about a resource load failure, please install Jutoh into a folder other than Program Files, or adjust permissions for the Program Files folder.

Jutoh 2 for Mac OS X

Please refer to the important installation notes for Mac users, in particular how to run Jutoh on Mac OS X 10.8+. In brief, control-click and use Open to run Jutoh the first time after download.

Jutoh 2 for Linux

The generic binaries are compiled on Ubuntu 8.04 and work on most Linux distributions; binaries for specific Linux distributions are provided where necessary.

32-bit packages:

64-bit packages:

Linux users: please see the following FAQs:

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